Verkaufs-Countdown für ein bestimmtes Produkt


Configure a countdown timer on single or multiple products (s) on the listing and detail page

Produkt kaufen

Sales Countdown

Product Sales Countdown plugin allows the countdown timer on single or multiple products (s) on the listing and detail page. There are three different types of countdown layouts, you can choose from.

Configure a countdown timer to show how many days, hours, minutes, and even seconds are left until the end of the offer/sales. Customers will fear to miss out and buy faster with a special price. Moreover, a Sale offer messages or notes can be displayed on the product detail page, for example: “Happy Christmas Sale ! Celebrate with us”.

  • Drei verschiedene Arten von Countdown-Layouts
  • SMS-Option mit einem Timer auf der Produktdetailseite wie "Happy Christmas Sale!"
  • Anpassbare Hintergrundfarbe des Countdown-Layouts
  • Anpassbare Farbe der Countdown-Layoutnummer
  • Anpassbare Countdown-Layout-Timer-Etikettenfarbe

Version 3.0.1

The color picker issue has been resolved

Version 3.0.0

Update Manufacturer and Support link Tags in  composer file

Version 1.0.1


After the update the storefront path from shopware it is not compatible with the latest version, so we have fixed the issue

Version 1.0.0


Initial release


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